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One-2-Five music theory E-tutor Windows platforms only


Major Update 11th December 2008  Version 3 now available


Download new Version (3) here      Guitar chord finder added - script bug fixed in grade 2 - shadow effect added throughout


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One-2-Five music theory E-tutor


The One-2-Five will help prepare you for all theory grade examinations in the U.K. (and many other countries) up to Grade 5. It is designed to cover the minimum of requirements and to be reasonably comprehensible to children and adults who have at least started learning a musical instrument. After downloading the E-Tutor you can evaluate the program and then decide if you wish to purchase a license. There is much more to the program than theory grades 1-5 but if you are taking external examinations with one of the UK examination boards we recommend use of our online manual (registration free with the e-tutor) as a supplementary aid (alongside the board's music theory workbook) for those of you who enjoy using computer style learning. However, there is no substitute for the use of pen and paper for preparation for an exam that exclusively requires this medium and this endeavour is not attempting to replace this. but we strongly believe that the downloadable E-tutor will bring a new and refreshing addition to the often tedious business of preparing for and taking music theory exams, and of course, this type of learning does have the advantage of live 'sound' and fast links to the entire program. Because of this we have included aural (ear) tests throughout the program.

Links are given to sites where more specialized information is available. If you are a complete beginner there is a Preparatory level prior to Grade 1.